Email spam and virus

Emails which are probable spam are marked as [**SPAM?**] and delivered to the users inbox for their attention and action.

Emails those are most probable spam, are not delivered to the user but stored in our server. One mail is sent to the users daily for all such emails.

Users need to take appropriate action on the mail by checking it. Following figure 1.1.1 shows one such mail to a user. Please note the following images will be visible only if you have enabled html view in your email client.

Figure 1.1.1: Mail regarding quarantine
Image quar

Also note that those who are using text version display in email client (i.e without HTML view), they may see a link starting with Make sure that the IP address on the URL are or or

The following actions can be taken on the email by the user.

Figure 1.1.2: Actions in browser for quarantine emails
Image quar2

Users can see all quarantine mails and take appropriate action on them.

Figure 1.1.3: Quaratine inbox
Image quar3

Users can enter an email address, that can be white listed/blacklisted for that specific user. See figure 1.1.4 for details.

Figure 1.1.4: Allow or Block an email address
Image quar4