Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication(2FA) is implemented in webmail to protect your account and email from abuse. Here, the first authentication factor is your password, and the second is an authentication code using Google authenticator. Before proceeding, download Google Authenticator App from the Android Play Store or Apple Store.

Please note following important points.

Follow the below screenshot after login to your account.

Figure 1.3.14: 2FA
Image 2fa
Figure 1.3.2-(1) Go to settings.
Figure 1.3.2-(2) Click on 2-Factor Authentication.
Figure 1.3.2-(3) Must activate the 2FA.
Figure 1.3.2-(4) This key is essential for identification; when you generate this key again, the QR code must be scanned in the Google Authenticator app(step 6 below).
Figure 1.3.2-(5) This is an optional step; you may ignore it. These are four recovery keys to be used as OTP when you cannot access your phone. You can keep them stored in a password manager for safekeeping. Once you use a key, it can not be used again. Deactivate and activate the plug-in (step 3 above) when you generate a new recovery key.
Figure 1.3.2-(6) Scan the QR code with Google Authenticator App.
Figure 1.3.2-(7) must be saved after scanning the QR code in the app.
Figure 1.3.2-(8) Put the authentication code from the Google Authenticator App to test; it must succeed; otherwise, do not save and regenerate the QR code again before saving. You may also check your system time and fix it to match the current time.