Chrome App

Refer to paragraph 1.3.10 below for setup in android.

1) Computer Centre does not recommend any specific browser. Use Google chrome with proper privacy understanding.
2) Do not use this app when using a public computer. Use these steps if the system belongs to you.

Google chrome has an app for roundcube webmail. Following steps gives a pictorial view of using it using Google chrome Version 60.0.3112.90 (Official Build) (Linux,64-bit).

Go to "More Tools" –> "Extensions" –> "get more extensions". Then search for roundcube and click on "Add to Chrome".

Figure 1.3.14: Search for the roundcube app
Image chrome1

Now Open the app, and provide the information same as of figure 1.3.15. Then click on save and then continue.

Figure 1.3.15: configure roundcube app
Image chrome2

Then When you are opening a new tab in chrome, click on "App" icon below the address bar. it will show all the available Apps.

Image chrome3
Image chrome4

Please note that user has to re-login to the App after every 7 days or when browser is closed.

Android Setup

Following steps will add the roundcube chrome webapp short-cut to home screen in android.

Image rca1
Image rca3
Image rca4
Image rca5

The following explains the above sequence of pictures.