One of the free and open source alternative to COMSOL is OpenFoam, which implements some of the COMSOL functionalities.

COMSOL Multiphysics® is a general-purpose simulation software. At present we have following add-on modules with 30 academic teaching license.

Check following links for more details.

The following steps will illustrate the installation of COMSOL-6.0 on CentOS7 Linux operating system. Other flavor of Linux has similar installation steps. Linux version of the software can be downloaded from the link

Image comsol-1
Image comsol-2

Use server with port number 1718 for license.

Image comsol-3
Image comsol-4

License manager installation is not require.

Image comsol-5
Image comsol-6

Optional Matlab installation path may be provided here.

Image comsol-7
Image comsol-8

Image comsol-9