Following steps will demonstrate how to install Mathematica 8 on a Centos Linux system. Other flavor of Linux has a similar set of installation steps.

  1. Download the software from
  2. unzip the downloaded file, then run the setup by following set of commands
    	$ unzip
    	$ cd mathematica8
    	$ ./

    See figure 2.3.57 for more details.

    Figure 2.3.57: Installing Mathematica
    Image mathematica1

  3. Now specify the directory where to install the software, provide the directory path or install press enter to install in default location. See figure 2.3.58 for more details.

    Figure 2.3.58: Installing Mathematica
    Image mathematica4

  4. Now move to the installation directory to run Mathematica by following command.
    		$ ./mathematica

    See figure 2.3.59 for more details.

    Figure 2.3.59: Installing Mathematica
    Image mathematica5

    Users can make use of $HOME/.bashrc or /etc/profile to set the PATH variable to point to Mathematica installation bin directory for directly running the Mathematica command from user home.

  5. Click on "Manual Activation". See figure 2.3.60 for more details.

    Figure 2.3.60: Installing Mathematica
    Image mathematica6

  6. Click on "Other ways to activate", then enter "" as network license server. See figure 2.3.61 for more details.

    Figure 2.3.61: Installing Mathematica
    Image mathematica7

  7. Accept the license term. See figure 2.3.62 for more details.

    Figure 2.3.62: Installing Mathematica
    Image mathematica8

  8. Start using Mathematica.

    Figure 2.3.63: Installing Mathematica
    Image mathematica9