Linux laboratory Information

Most of the systems in computer center runs on Linux operating system. The Linux computing facility in computer center is available 24x7. Computer center has presently three Linux labs to be used by IITK community. Following information may be helpful Each user has been allotted 2 GB of disk space to store their file. The data stored on this space can be accessed on any laboratory machine and across all compute and utility server provided by computer center. Computer center does not allow changing operating system on any machine on user request, so please do not make any such request.

Users can login to a L2 laboratory machine by issuing following command from his own Linux terminal.

# ssh <IITK-username>@<machine-name> -X 
e.g. ssh -X
All the above server belongs to domain I.e use <machine-name> to connect from remote.

Lab booking

Linux laboratory located in computer center building are usually not booked for teaching related activity, as all IITK users run there simulation and work from remote.
IITK academic teaching staff members can book Linux lab located in new core lab building by using Computer Center user name and password can be used for logging in to the interface.