Download Scilab from and scilab modules from
Locally downloaded extra packages available at

Following procedure will demonstrate Scilab 5.5.2 installation under CentOS7 Linux.


Many additional modules, called "Toolboxes", have been created by the Scilab community. They are listed on the ATOMS website.

See below on how to access these ATOMS (AuTomatic mOdules Management for Scilab) toolboxes from the Scilab tool: a GUI makes it easy to install them. there are also includes commands to add, remove, configure, toolboxes, and access the ATOMS website.

Using the ATOMS GUI

Scilab includes a GUI to facilitate the use of ATOMS. This GUI is also available through the Scilab menu "Applications". or you can run command from scilab console


Figure 2.3.2: Scilab
Image scilab-5

Figure 2.3.3: Scilab
Image scilab-2

Select module from the list then click on install. note that installed modules are shown in green color.

Figure 2.3.4: Scilab
Image scilab-3

Figure 2.3.5: Scilab
Image scilab-4

A message will appear after installation done. as shown in above image. note that before installing any module you have to connect from Internet.

Using ATOMS from the command line

Searching a module

The function atomsSearch("keywords") allows the search of available modules.

For example:


ans =

!A fast neural network - LOcal LInear MOdel Tree !

!Graph and Network toolbox !

!This is a Scilab Neural Network Module which covers supervised and unsupervised training algorithms !

!This module is dedicated to network topologies analysis. !

Listing available modules

The funtion atomsList() provides the list of all modules (atoms) from repository. List available modules Syntax


Install a module
The function


allows to install a Scilab module packaged in ATOMS.

For example:


On the next start of Scilab, the module will be loaded automatically. To load it manually, call:


Remove a module

The function atomsRemove(), allows to un-install a Scilab module packaged in ATOMS.

For example: